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The aftermath

September 28, 2018
By Abby-Rose PLATINUM, Birch River, West Virginia
Abby-Rose PLATINUM, Birch River, West Virginia
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Hold On Pain Ends

She leaves as she lives, without being noticed 
Many wish that she could've known this: 
She was loved truly and deeply by most of her peers, 
Though it was hard for her to see this through her never-ending tears, 
She left many scars the day that she committed, 
More than all the scars she had previously hidden, 
She left her family in turmoil, stuck wondering why, 
All her pain couldn't have vanished but they could've tried, 
To do something or anything but... this, 
Now they no longer have their baby girl to kiss, 
She’ll never again have the opportunity to feel cheery 
Instead she left this world weak and weary 
Her life had just begun rough, but pain doesn’t last 
Suicide does though, she can’t correct her past 
She’s gone forever, dying in vain 
Though suicide may have ended her pain 
It caused so much for others and broke many hearts 
Now she’s missing out on life, the bad and good parts 
Life is a double edged sword but a beautiful gift 
Live as long as you can and never regret a second of it. 

The author's comments:

This poem describes the pain and thoughts of someone who lost someone due to suicide.

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