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April 13, 2009
By Mr.Trex GOLD, Salisbury, North Carolina
Mr.Trex GOLD, Salisbury, North Carolina
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7 days a week, 52 weeks in a year we are all people here, we live, we love, we act suite. until that one day comes, death is the begining of life. Cody 6:17

Will the eyes continue to grow red
Seems everything gets cold and dark before its dead
Though death is not the ending of what seems a great test
Many thought but few have known the truth that you'll find in the end with the rest

I'll bring it all in, the darkness and the pain
Because my threshold is limited merely by my brain
And if i cannot handle everything brought to life
Then lifes not meant for the best just the right

I'll take a page from the book, the greatest of them all
Thumb through every page, every line, every minute till they call
Cause its not the end, consistenly they pled
Another chapter, and a verse soon the meaning you will read

Yet if one cannot find the meaning so obvious to sight
Then obvious it is not and the book may not be right
No where will your mind go father than the word
If to listen you will not then nothing you have heard

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~blueroses~ said...
on Oct. 4 2009 at 9:59 am
~blueroses~, Summerville, South Carolina
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this is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! i luvluvluv it