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April 23, 2009
By snc947 GOLD, Swansboro, North Carolina
snc947 GOLD, Swansboro, North Carolina
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There you go. Walking down the hall way again. Crowded with other students who push and shove their way through one another. I watch as you walk away. Counting your foot steps. Seeing how long it will take for you to get to your next class. I walk the opposite direction; wondering if your thinking of me. Maybe, if you remembered how I stuttered over the words in a book in front of the class. Stage fright isn't my best quality. But still apart of me. My classes go by in a blur. I catch glimpses of you in the hallway. Trying to find the courage to talk to you. To get to know you. But I stay silent. Not wishing to draw attention to myself, to accidentally let something slip up in my role of invisiblity. Something I have learned is easy to do and now have it down to an art. When I hang out with my friends I catch you taking glimpses of me. Maybe. Or maybe I'm just deluting myself with my imagination that you like me. I wonder what he's thinking. When he makes a certain facial expression. When his friends say something. Something about me. He says we're just friends. Which is true. Because to him, I'm invisible.

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