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Deep (rewritten)

April 2, 2019
By trysten SILVER, Carlsbad, California
trysten SILVER, Carlsbad, California
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Can profoundness only thrive with the coexistence of pain?

Where life itself is vain

And each action twists your fate

Happiness becomes a burden

 Love you learn to hate 


Are emotions only relevant when toxic to the heart?

Slowly eroding your soul

until you're completely torn apart


Why do I only feel when I crave to be numb?

These tears of acid burn my cheeks,

shaping who I become


Darkness consumes me

The day is overridden by the night,

and I find myself professing sweet goodbyes

to the warm embrace of light.

The author's comments:

Deep is a poem I wrote about year or two ago. I rewrote the ending so it flows better with the basis of the poem.

This poem was a product of my frustration when people would only pronounce my poems as "deep" if they were sad or negative. It got me thinking about how you don't realize the emotions you're experiecing unless they are full of negativity, and how people only seem to care about you only if you're feeling down. Deep is about chasing the darkness in order to get some form of sympathy/sign of care from others. I specifically rewrote the last few lines to enhance the idea of such willingness to part from the light (happiness) in the line "I find myself professing sweet goodbyes to the warm embrace of light".

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