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Choice and Fiction

April 29, 2009
By Stephany Xu PLATINUM, Plano, Texas
Stephany Xu PLATINUM, Plano, Texas
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You were the only face I ever knew
My lovely, pristine paradigm of the few
The first night we lighted the candles with ice
I tried to mend the trust with a broken device

Syncopated rhythms may seem paired
But a limping heart cannot be shared
There was never an euphoria more euphoric
My ears never sang sweeter than your rhetoric

Painted in hues by the soft brush of midnight.
Feeling the silent energies of the budding light
Our eyes will kiss as our hearts leap, our immortal lips
A couple simply, sterilely waiting for the eclipse

Why must it always be out and down?
Never down and up? Circled about?
The coup that released my crown
Into a perpetual clout of remorse and doubt

The stab between choice and fate,
That we seek and struggle and swiftly fail
That we might let run the path, never straight
But nonetheless accomplish the unintended

What regret may plague us, unrelenting?
If lack of coercion led to loss by choice
Left all are but sanguine souls lamenting
Reels of memories cursing their poetry

The most prominent of sinners suffer in the light
Their sins seen by only the self, their merits
viewed by all others, yet darker than night
And in this radiance, she cried and lied

“never again, another man
Never before, did you shut the door,
Never never, shall we pray
Beg to God to save the day”

Not apart, but never near
Hearts of dread, souls in fear
Tomorrow can never protect today
Some hopeless child that doubt doth prey

Yesterday beseeched us “choice or fate”
Today we hopelessly wait and wait
It is the self’s method that wills the season
The root of forlorn faith, the very reason

Do we believe, against the universe
Consistently inconsistent shall give the birth
Of a love long aborted, within a barren womb
Or very well slice our airy surge and sleepy doom

The flurry few, the very blessed, who simply know
That yesterday’s seeds will once again grow
Your presence, your love never fleeing
Forever and a day, this marriage being

The memories that incite some sad magic
Ripping through my wicked world, terribly tragic
And through the hollow selves, it shall sparkle and burn
Sealing in all the endeavors that we never did learn

We expected subtle simplicity from our love
Some inherent blessing from God above
For vice to be swiftly conquered by victories done
The only evidence Lady Liar left was her smoking gun

I sharpened my knife on upon your clenched fist
But when I leapt to wound, I deliberately missed
A lynching noose for you to play, to sacredly strangle
But charismatic karma simply stared at you from another angle

You saw a sinner who cried, a criminal but justified
I spilled my distances upon the soil, perfectly petrified
Fingers slipped spread, shall never be clenched
Regrets by deception and disease so utterly drenched

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