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Our lost Love

April 18, 2019
By DJAlyss GOLD, El,paso, Texas
DJAlyss GOLD, El,paso, Texas
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I see him and my eyes well up,
When I see him the memories come flooding back.
The lies. The cheating. The broken promises, and my broken heart.

The way he held my hand,
Told me pretty little lies,
The ones about never cheating.

Sure it was in the past but, that doesn't mean old wounds don't hurt.
It's like a throbbing pain, like stepping on glass more so.
When he smiles, when he laughs,
It's like every screenshot, every word.
When he walks, when he runs,
It's every promise, every lie.

It seems he is happier so that makes me glad.
It's worth it even if I may be dancing on glass.
Yes my heart broke, well more so it shattered.
That doesn't mean that our relationship never mattered.

Our time together makes my heart feel warm,
But when I remember it's over I feel my heart being torn.
I love to think of all the memories we made.
Only to realize those were the old days.
The way he could make me smile with just one glance,
I just regret that I never was able to take the chance.
In trying to salvage what's left of this broken romance.
I try to forget all that we've been through,
In the end though I just feel washed up and used.
I try to remember that he said "I love you."
Maybe he still does? wishful thinking because I have no clue.
I love him with all my heart he will never leave it,
He made himself at home and he will never tell he did.
My heart will just stay with the empty desire,
While I try to save what's left of our fire..
I may not be able to save it, maybe that's okay,
Because like he said before  "We will always be together if we aren't, we'll find a way."

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