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A Game that cost my heart

April 18, 2019
By DJAlyss GOLD, El,paso, Texas
DJAlyss GOLD, El,paso, Texas
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I remember the first time I saw you,
The last bit of summer was vanishing,
You sat alone in what seemed like sadness.

I called you over to sit with my friends and I,
For a second I swore I saw something in your eye..
I regarded the fact and went on with my day,
Little did I know we had a game to play.

You asked me out on that night a bit out of the blue,
This fact surprised me I never felt it was you,
Maybe it was, maybe that's how you were,
I was just happy to dance the dace of lovers.

I never thought I could fall in love so much with you,
Especially when this came out of the blue.
It scared me a bit, the amount of my love,
I didn't know how to feel i try to explain it...like...because..

It doesn't matter now. Fast forward through the good times we had.
I don't think 2 months could ever hurt me so bad.
You claimed you did it with reason,
I said okay, became depressed, for a season.

Then it was nice, sunshine and rainbows again,
Then there were problems because we were freshmen.
Theupper classmen didn't seem to like us, I always wondered why,
That's when I got the news from the teachers. It was time to say goodbye.

We got into more trouble the longer we lasted,
I had to end it before both our futures were blasted.
More importantly yours, I beg for your happiness.
Remember like you said "It was fun while it lasted." 

I know I shouldn't open up new wounds once they heal,
I just can't help it, this is what I feel.
Used up and broken like I never mattered,
Maybe they were right that smile was plastered.

Was it? Did you do it out of pity? Did you ever mean what you said?
Or was it all lies. Tricks. Games to play with my heart and head.
I tried to tell you I I felt, to my surprise you listened, and that helped.
I want what's best for both you and I.
That's all I have ever wanted...
Even if it means saying goodbye.

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