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Remnamts of the Rose

April 30, 2009
By xXxFallingTearsxXx GOLD, Cottonwood, Idaho
xXxFallingTearsxXx GOLD, Cottonwood, Idaho
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My life is like a rose,
Elegant crimson like blood in the snow.
It begins beautiful,
With soft petals,
Like a mothers love.
Then it all falls apart,
Piece by piece,
Wilting into a hidious
remainder of what it used to be.
The beautiful red now fades to black,
Like a starless, moonless night.
And then, the petals
Leaving a deminished corpse
of what it used to be.

The author's comments:
Please comment! sorry all my poems are so depressing.

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on May. 10 2009 at 7:26 pm
xXsmileXx PLATINUM, St. Louis, Missouri
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Favorite Quote:
"Your dreams only become intangible when you stop reaching" ~me ;)

Its a really good poem...and hey, some of the best poems in the world are depressing. And at least its true. Good work!