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Just Let me Be

May 4, 2009
By hollz BRONZE, LaGrange, Indiana
hollz BRONZE, LaGrange, Indiana
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Sometimes when the wind blows,
and when the feilds grow,
i want to be alone,

when the bruises color my cheeks,
when my tears mingle with my blood,
i just want to be alone,

when my cries for help,
just drift away,
into the endless sea of tears,
along with my fears,
they float away,

when you sip your last drop,
i wish i could call the cops,
but you lay ur hard rouch hand upon my cheek,
i can't reach my freedom,
i wish i could just scream for u to stop,
but that only makes you angry,
just let me be,
i plead for u to leave,
just let me be,
i ask of you....
just let me be so i can see the sun that shines on the feild infront of me.

The author's comments:
i wrote this out of the blue. i become what my poem was about abuse. no one deserves to be abused no one! i try to mold myself into what i write so i can better depict what to write.

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