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What I Want 2 B

May 5, 2009
By writer2b PLATINUM, Montville, New Jersey
writer2b PLATINUM, Montville, New Jersey
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Sometimes I wonder what I yearn to be, if I could ever be. I wonder if I will succeed in what I want to do in life. I stay up late at night hoping that I could some day do what I want to do. I wonder what I do now, how it will affect my future goals in life. I wonder what type of person I will be; will I be warm- hearted or cold - hearted,poor or rich, happy or sad. I wonder what people will think of me. I wonder if they will think of me as a person to turn to, or a person to avoid, a person that is loving and caring, or a person who hates and does not care. I hope that one day I will be what I want to be and what others expect me to be.

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