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I, a Breeze

July 8, 2019
By DragonWolf77 GOLD, Madison, Alabama
DragonWolf77 GOLD, Madison, Alabama
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Pretend to be strong, eventually you’ll realize you’re not pretending anymore.

I, a breeze

Whistle my song

Through the trees

Where I belong


A gentle flick

From my silent hand

So begins the tricks

Of the woodland band


The leaves, they rise

To dance their truth

Then, I did surmise

The forest’s lost youth


The ponds, they rippled

Displaying their age

In sapphire riddles

Bound to the page


The wolves, they howled

With them I sang

The sacred growl

Which echoed and rang


The sun, she rose

And so the song died

Beneath the ground it hid

Until the moon did rise

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