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If Only

July 8, 2019
By DragonWolf77 GOLD, Madison, Alabama
DragonWolf77 GOLD, Madison, Alabama
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If only the trees of this world

Were as green as those in my mind

The leaves were such a beautiful jade

I had never seen pigments so fine


If only the waters of this world

Glistened like those in my mind

A blue unmatched by any sapphire 

The stars would envy its shine


If only the storms of this world

Showered the same lavender rains

Essence of the flower seas

That grew only in this domain


If only the moon of this world

Was silver like the one in my mind

A silver moon that spoke to me

Words only ever kind


If only the skies of this world

Sent a warm breeze, such as this

One that carried dancing petals

Born of the lilac mist


If only my own eyes

Could see into the other world

When my world blurs the lense

From clear to the palest pearl

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