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May 11, 2009
By Colin Cook BRONZE, Eaton, Colorado
Colin Cook BRONZE, Eaton, Colorado
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A warm breeze carries my hand
Like someone is holding it, caring for it
So gentle, so light that a dream forms from the caressing touch
All I want to see is brown eyes
Scatter thoughts flow into a concentrated stream
If only a wish came true
If my eyes could see the beauty of my dreams
A bask of sun light beams on me
Reminding me of the pleasant touch of her finger tips

Eyes shut

It only seemed like a dream
A chance meeting in the rain
The breeze sweeps through my hair
Soft whisper blows into my ear
Smile appears on my face
Playful as it is no one is there
But still the words are repeated

Eyes open

Once again the breeze grips my hand
"I love you"
Words spoken softly
They hum in my ears
Down cast eyes linger on a shadow
Hoping to be adjoined by another

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