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May 20, 2009
By Linesa BRONZE, Mountain Home, Arkansas
Linesa BRONZE, Mountain Home, Arkansas
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I want you to think.

Think about the way we live,
Think about how we are all damned,
Damned to an eternity of darkness,
An eternity of hell.

Now think about all of your worst fears.
All of them are separated by their own door,
And all of these doors are brought together in a hallway.
This hallway is placed in a part of hell they call your own.

Now as you open each door,
You experience one of your many fears,
But along with that fear you experience the worst pain imaginable,

And as you travel down this hallway of fears,
You are forced to open every door,
And with every door is an even greater pain than the door before it.

Now think about your hallway of hell that I have helped to place in your mind,
And tell me,
Do you really want to live the way you do?

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