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The Song

May 21, 2009
By writer2b PLATINUM, Montville, New Jersey
writer2b PLATINUM, Montville, New Jersey
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You sit there, your pick in your hand and your guitar slung across your back. You sit on a log with one boot on the ground, the other sits upon the branch of the log. I sit down next to you as I give you a hello kiss. You grasp my hand and brush my hair behind my ear. In a whispy voice you tell me you have something to show me. You then tug my hand and we proceed to run into the forest. The trees are so big, the vines dangle from what seems like the sky above, animals roar, the birds coo as they fly past us as we walk deeper and deeper into the heart of the forest. Then I heard water smashing against rocks. We sit down on a rock near by, you start to strum the chords on you guitar with you pick and start to sing a song. I could tell that it was about me. The song started with an "A" chord as you said my name. It was so overbearing that i started to well up with tears, you chuckled like it ment nothing,I slid closer to you and kissed your neck as you kept singing. I could feel you vocal chords vibrate when i kissed you. When you finished singing I told you how much this ment to me. We then watched the sunset behind the fall in harmony.

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