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I'm Done

May 21, 2009
By writer2b PLATINUM, Montville, New Jersey
writer2b PLATINUM, Montville, New Jersey
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Your heart is a lump of coal. Your bitter words break my heart everytime. Your actions make me want to leave. But you keep me cooped up in our room for days without a ray of sunlight hitting my face . The room is as cool as what you call your heart and as damp as your shirt covered with alcohol what you say is your life support. You tell me to trust you, but how can I? My eyes hurt from countless days of staying up and countless hours of crying. You go out at night and bring home young restless girls, which you call your pets. I used to trust you when you were diffrent. But ever since she died you have gone nuts and I'm done with taking the abuse, I'm leaving and fleaing tonight when you wake up tomorrow at noon don't expect me to be there waiting to take the punches.

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