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I Should've Seen It

May 22, 2009
By PippinP GOLD, Bolingbrook, Illinois
PippinP GOLD, Bolingbrook, Illinois
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Faith is like learning to walk; you have to fall at first, but don't stay down. When in doubt, don't stop believing.

Just when I thought I was getting stronger,
Just when I thought we would last forever...
A midst my dream, we were so happy,
But it turned out to be another disaster.
You kept your distance, but I couldn't see it.
I thought we were perfect, I didn't feel it.
I should've seen it in your eyes;
I should've read between the lines;
But I didn't, and you were gone before I was ready.
I can't believe I didn't take the hints;
I can't believe I didn't know this was coming.
I thought for sure we were so close.
I should've seen how you held back;
I should've been ready, but I was shocked;
I was in my own little world.
Now I've lost you for good.
I should've seen it coming.

The author's comments:
I wrote this one kind of quickly. But I liked it the way it was.

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Zoya_Khan GOLD said...
on Dec. 21 2012 at 8:39 am
Zoya_Khan GOLD, Gujranwala, Other
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Where LOGIC ends, FAITH begins.
- Zoya Khan

Nice :) :) :)

Rasika GOLD said...
on Feb. 14 2010 at 1:07 am
Rasika GOLD, MUMBAI, Other
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dream high ,think high!!!

i liked it.

Thunderfirst said...
on May. 28 2009 at 11:26 pm
It's short and simple, but it's nice.

Kind of sad too.