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April 30, 2021
By liese-morgan SILVER, The Woodlands, Texas
liese-morgan SILVER, The Woodlands, Texas
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i used to be a loser

but now they say i’m cool

i used to be too uptight

but with them i break the rules

i used to work hard

but now we slack off

i used to have my path

but with them i get lost

i used to be an optimist 

but they leave me broken down

i used to be a princess

but they said to shed my crown

i used to be a ray of sun

but i find them in the cold

i used to have my morals

but i’ve sunk to a hellish low

i used to think that friends

were there to lift you up

but now i’ve let my friends

slip poison in my cup

The author's comments:

A poem that I wrote while feeling guilty about the person I've become due to having toxic friends.

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on May. 2 at 3:51 pm
Rsnail-925 PLATINUM, Boulder, Colorado
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A story has as many versions as it has readers - Winter Of Our Discontent

I really like your poem and how it had a nice flow and rhythm to it.