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45 Degrees and Up

May 6, 2021
By gera082004 BRONZE, Tucson, Arizona
gera082004 BRONZE, Tucson, Arizona
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I.     I believe in myself for I have helped my family when we had nothing.

II.    I believe in people who are always giving and loving.

III.   I believe we can all achieve our goals, we just have to catch them running.

IV.    I believe that we can all love each for who we are.

V.     I have been to where we can’t have dinner for a night.

VI.    I have been to Hawaii and on a flight.

VII.   I have been to places where I am angry and not polite.

VIII.  I have been grateful and happy and that feels right.

IX.    I have been really happy for what I have and I’m in delight.

X.     I have seen my little brother grow from the start.

XI.    I have complemented my classmates at school, and made them feel smart.

XII.   I have also debunked people’s confidence, and have hurt their heart.

XIII.  I have seen some of my friends get mad and depart.

XIV.   I have seen people make others laugh like Kevin Hart.

XV.    I need to get good grades to leave, and go to college.

XVI.   I need to get a job to get more knowledge.

XVII.  I need motivation to do both of these to support myself.

XVIII. I need to push myself to get where I want.

XIX.   I need to get my family out the house like Vermont.

XX.    I will become a business owner of any sort.

XXI.   I will be doing my best to support.

XXII.  I will be become a fair person like a good sport.

XXIII. I will become stronger mentally and physically.

XXIV.  I will become more loving and caring.

The author's comments:

I am a very passionate person, and my poem was inspired by my life. 

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