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Talking to be quiet

May 6, 2021
By PaulaEscobar1111 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
PaulaEscobar1111 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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I talk a lot 

But to only those im comfortable with

Since i don't have many people to talk to,

When i do talk, i talk quiet a lot 

I was excited to talk to you until 

Shut up 

Be quiet

Can you stop talking?

So I do.

I talk just not to everyone but,

I hate the quiet 

I wish I could be louder.

How else am i supposed to talk over my thoughts 

Thoughts that are screaming at me to shut up

They're so loud

I think just not outloud 

And they're worse than you ever were.

So ill be quiet just dont ask why when you already know,

Im just a quiet girl drowning in her thoughts but no one will ever know. 

The author's comments:

I wrote this piece when I was sitting in my room letting all the thoughts in my head run around. I took time a put some feelings onto this piece of writing, I let myself feel to much and I used it to be able to create this piece. What inspired me to write this was to put my thoughts together somehow and let some of those feeling out. 

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