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June 3, 2021
By Its_just_me_ BRONZE, Forest Park, Illinois
Its_just_me_ BRONZE, Forest Park, Illinois
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Those 4 little letters.

Those 4 letters have caused me pain and brokenness. 

Not because I've done them, because it made the one person I used to love the most turn into a monster.

It made a beautiful life of so much happiness,

 Turn ugly and mean. 

It's like your soul drifted  away in each inhale you took of that drug.

I should've seen the signs that you were using, you were sleeping all the time, you lost weight, and you always had shady people over at your apartment. 

Drugs took everything out of you. I used to like talking on the phone with you. Now I despise it. 

We used to talk and laugh and share memories. Now we argue and cry and you call me a disappointment then say you didn't mean it. 

I hate that you do drugs and I hate that you lie to me about using.

I just wish I had my Mom again. 

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