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June 9, 2021
By KellyLau PLATINUM, Burnaby, Columbia
KellyLau PLATINUM, Burnaby, Columbia
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by blackened ground 

burning city 

relentless sounds 

almost pretty fading red 

my entrance to the dead 

thought hell was inevitable 

i was certainly eligible 

and then I turned my life around

stood on holy ground 

I was baptized in freezing water

yet their shoulders and my heart weren’t hotter

tracing the cross 

was easier to face than my loss 

everyday I sunk to my knees

and stayed with ease

as life was not more 

hard then the floor 

And then I found what I would follow to the depths of hell 

i fell

descending from up above

fell in love 

and I gave in 

given a glimpse of heaven 

her eyes shone to light up the room

lips could still the fight within the brinks of war and doom

you being next to me

was sinless ecstasy   

stopping my pitiful never fitting in a space 

her puzzle piece snapped into place 

it was a beautiful picture 

and i dismissed her 

i screwed with fate and the pearly gates 

she was an angel I worshipped too late 

I fell 

reality set in when I hit the ground 

to my wounds my ego was wound 

i fell 

What the hell 

don’t listen to what philosophers will tell 

hell is not a cell or place to dwell 

it’s a feeling 

i get when I’m kneeling

all the issues 

hell is every second without you 

eyes filled with love and tears 

yet a soul gone and filled with fears

a heart pumping in a hollow body 

this is hell’s lobby 

my knees bowed in eternal servitude 

now to the echoes of her feet are they glued 

the newest edition 

the world sees the normal position

but I am not bent over in prayer

i am begging for mercy here

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