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Necessary Bloodshed for Bloodshot Eyes

June 9, 2021
By KellyLau PLATINUM, Burnaby, Columbia
KellyLau PLATINUM, Burnaby, Columbia
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I washed my hands clean of blood

watched the crimson stain the water flood 

draining and flaking off my nails 

making messes as I cover my trails 

giggling with ease

fiddling with the keys

gagging and dragging the corpse

with time the face warps

body dripping in red

with what it bleed





clothes shredded 

conscious fled

lead away 

like the evidence gone astray 

I killed someone 

before they could run

pulled out a gun

they were stunned

within months they were done 

before you question my sanity 

or humanity

This was broadcasted for the world to see 

to this slaughter many agree 

I walk free 

the person I killed 

was me 

The author's comments:

The poem uncovers the untouched reality of how we interact with society today. It attempts to briefly grasp how humans morph their personality over years. When we pass through stages of our life, we evolve to fit our roles in society. Recently, through pressure for conformity to society’s boxes, we change our personality frequently.  To find companionship with others and to seek validation and love from ourselves, we effectively kill ourselves, morphing and replacing ourselves with someone who we believe others and ourselves will love more.

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