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Eulogy for Madame Defarge

May 31, 2009
By rebelliouself5 GOLD, Cranberry Twp., Pennsylvania
rebelliouself5 GOLD, Cranberry Twp., Pennsylvania
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Thèrèse Defarge was a woman of great determination,
whose persistence helped save a nation.
No matter what, she never gave up,
and treated every revolutionary like her own pup.

Even though she’d been terribly wronged,
Madame Defarge still stayed incredibly strong.
She made sure vengeance was had
on every noble that had harmed a lass or lad.

The all-important death registry she did keep,
even if her tired fingers almost made her weep.
Thèrèse worked tirelessly all day and night
to knit the names so we could win the fight.

She fought for her people and country
to help win the battle of a century.
Some may call her cold and heartless,
but she worked hard to save those the nobles suppressed.

A better or more dedicated wife no man could ask for,
as she helped bring the noble class crashing to the floor.
Her heart was scarred, but she was faithful and true,
a kind woman at heart through and through.

Madame Defarge was a ruthless villain some say,
as they ignore her endeavor to save the day.
Even so, Thèrèse would not quit,
Until everyone’s hope was brightly lit.

Her morals may have gone askew,
but she fought to bring justice long overdue.
Thèrèse Defarge fought for freedom with an iron fist,
and for that, she will be sorely missed.

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