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Hate to forgive

October 9, 2021
By Rana-Hatem PLATINUM, Cairo, Other
Rana-Hatem PLATINUM, Cairo, Other
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Maybe you are searching among the branches, for what only appears in the roots

Help me help you, more like hate me hate you.

A mystery that is creeping into the wilderness of our minds- never crystal clear, as it shrivels eerily. The swirling intertwined maze that envelopes you from head to toe, rendering mischievous desires of approaching light.

Combined feelings accumulate to build up a heap of misunderstood strains of guilt and worthless doom. A pulled trigger ignites hate and a faulty urge to harm. Unnecessary but unstoppable, in a blink of an eye.

A cloud of unwanted power that gives you the will to be the most lethal. "Every cloud has a silver lining" ...Nonsense. When hate takes over, it's gonna get you so bad you'll wish it never happened- all ends up, all muddled up. Every trace of optimism and mercy lays utterless and imprisoned in a reality of loath and offense. Or does it?

May it evolve into a peaceful desire of forgiving? I'm uncertain, but a faint strand fixes it all- hope, freedom.

My skin is now barren but with a fresh start. My veins are prominent but full of pearly grace. My eyes were once gloomy and helpless, but now radiating trust and love.

Even my heart healed, hammering. All altered, all fixed, all naturalized. Help me help you, more like forgive me forgive you.

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