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We're A Storm

June 2, 2009
By xxalyxallurexx GOLD, Albrightsvill, Pennsylvania
xxalyxallurexx GOLD, Albrightsvill, Pennsylvania
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you have nothing tho fear but fear itself

strikes down hard
without warning
more than once
but never in the same spot
you may see it all over
but you may never see it up close
and if you do its remarkable
it may scare you
but in the end it was great while it lasted
it speeds up your heart
or may even strike you dead

lights up the sky
even in the darkest of nights
All I know is. . .
Baby your my thunder
you struck down on me
sped up my heart
I saw you up close and still couldn't believe my eyes
you stole my heart without warning
more than once
and always in a different way
you light up my world
even when i feel alone left in this dark world

Falls down fast
everyone loves to see it fall
though it may depress some
others cant help but dance along with it
it can fall soft and light
or hard and fast
but either way it falls
nothing can stop it
not even the sun
it can flood threw towns
or make puddles in valleys
either way
it effects everyone

Im your rain
your my thunder
You strike me down hard
and i just fall hard all around you
you speed up my heart
and i cant stop falling for you

so lets make a storm
and tear this place down with our love

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