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Be Like the Wild Ones

February 1, 2022
By Asherah1133 GOLD, Ensign, Kansas
Asherah1133 GOLD, Ensign, Kansas
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Take your reins like a flower, not like a stone. Take your horse by your waist and your seat, not by your hand and never by force. If you do force, it is not the art of riding, it is something else. ~ Nuno Oliveira

Mayyour heart run wild like the Mustang in the valley and be as courageous as the Cougar in the moutain. May your feet be sure like the Wolf and swift like the Fox.                                            Let the river teach you to listen. Listen closely and hear it whisper like the dry grass rustling in the wind, it is very faint but it is still there.                                                                           

Let your mind wander as you slip away from the chaos of this world and you will go somewhere you never thought imaginable like a fairytale; A place where no judgement is brought upon you only acceptance and peace. You're safe here. No one can touch you.

The author's comments:

Be wild. Be crazy. BE YOU. You should always be you. Misha Collins once said " I want to live in a world, where "normal" is an INSULT." He has a very good outlook on things. We are all unique. We're not meant to be the same. If we were than we really would have no true self identity.       There are tons of kind people in the world so if you can't find one then be one.

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