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February 24, 2022
By IzzyMossie137 GOLD, Aurora, Illinois
IzzyMossie137 GOLD, Aurora, Illinois
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Like those flowers growing in May

So beautiful 

So wonderful

It makes you glad

When others say you're 'anime-mad'

And aren't you happy or ureshii

When Kisuke ends up with yoruichi

The lust, the passion

The dramatic love's the fashion

The genderly fights

Why is the best part in anime the nights?

Anime and humans aren't the same

But I do wish I had the life of that dame

So thrilling and romance he'll fill

They're not together but still

It makes you cry 

When you see your anime love die

And the harmony

And the symphony 

Of the theme song

Which makes you sing along

The fragrance of that lovely Nell

Which you cannot smell 

Gives butterflies 

Into your stomach of fireflies

And that thought you can't 

Marry or even date

Your anime hero is

So sad and out of bliss

But still

You could chill 

On a very hot day

With popcorn and anime

The author's comments:

Have you ever fallen in love with an anime character? If yes, we are related.

I decided to write something about my love for anime this time. This is based on the anime Bleach which was created in 2004. And that is the first anime I saw and it is most memorable to me. (Most probably because I saw my first love Ichigo Kurosaki in it. Believe me, he's so cute. I mean, which girl doesn't fall for him.😘😘😘

I displayed my love for him publicly temporary tattooing his name + my name, using sharpies of course, and I even printed a huge poster of him which I hung in front of my bed so that I can rise to see his face first thing in the morning and go to sleep like so last thing at night. Even some called me Orihime because the character called Orihime Inoue was his wife but I can say, I'm way cuter than her.)

Yes this is really me and what I said is true. But, now I've moved on and embraced the truth that you cannot marry or date your anime significant other but go nuts and finally spend your lifetime in the mental asylum. Moving on is much better than mental drama right. (Never mind my stupid talks, I'm not that mental. It once happened but it shall no longer happen. If I fall for anime again, it shall remain as a crush or as love in my heart and not in the city hall for public display like how I was Orihime.)

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on Jun. 17 2022 at 8:54 am
CaliFranceGurl648 GOLD, San Diego, California
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Orihime! Seriously! The story is so funny. Lol