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June 4, 2009
By hollz BRONZE, LaGrange, Indiana
hollz BRONZE, LaGrange, Indiana
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And so the rain pit patters against my cheek,
cleansing my face washing away my tears,
walking though this world i wonder,
Does she care? that woman tending to her unruly child,
Does he care? that security guard eyes scanning everyone like a hawk,
His face dark and shrouded in shadows,
isn't he supposed to help me?
Does he even see me?
The child continues to scream and whine,
kicking and screaming,
he reminds me of me,
fighting at first,
Yelling to the world that he will win,
but as inevitability as it is he give in,
succumbs to his mother,
the security guards eyes fixate on me,
not me,
a fidgety druggie behind me,
the druggies eyes flickering and wide,
hands itching and twitching for that next fix,
the security guard walks to me,
not me,
to the druggie,
I move aside to be polite,
the security guard makes no acknowledgment that I exists,
that I'm even there,
the child starts up again and stomps the ground below,
the mother holds her head in exasperation,
the druggie speaks in a hushed tone to the security guard,
The security guard hands him a folded fifty,
not very discreetly i might add,
i witness the whole transaction,
so the security guard whose,
what society has taught us is supposed to be of help and safety,
is a masked druggie hiding behind his bade,
The child slaps his mother,
no not a child but a man,
a man slaps his mother,
not his mother but his wife,
so this is what life is,
Its masked behind polite faces,manners and badges,
but if you peer close enough you can really see what everyone is,
The druggie security guard who doesn't help any one but his next fix,
The abusive husband and abused wife who is secretly sleeping wither her husbands brother,
and a lonely girl on the street,
her face streaked with black tears,
or is that a Mask too?

The author's comments:
I wrote this on May 25 at 9:58. I couldn't sleep due to my active mind.

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