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Dear Mother

June 5, 2009
By VisionTru PLATINUM, Rochester, New York
VisionTru PLATINUM, Rochester, New York
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If I could swim across the Gulf Stream
And into the Caribbean to you
I would do it

If I could fly over the mountains
And through the clouds
To get to you
I would do it

If I could take one giant leap across the sea
And be right in your arms
I wouldn’t hesitate

You should be the most important person in my life
But I don’t even know you
Did you even try to meet me half way?
Did you try to love me the way I tried to love you?

I grew up without you
And now it’s too late to do the things
A mother and a daughter a re suppose to.

You call me once in a while but that will never be enough
You have another child now
And he gets to have all your love
I can’t help but wonder if my heart would be this
Sore if you were in
My life

You say you love me over the phone
But I don’t feel it
I know you didn’t try to hurt me
But I can’t help but feel the pain
Everyday seems to get harder
Every breath seem to be shorter

I hope what ever you left me for was worth what you miss
Like the last 12 ears of my life
Even though I’m feeling hatred and loneliness because to left
If there was still away I could get to you
I would do it
With no second thoughts
I would come to you

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