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The War of Life

May 29, 2009
By Jess0212 BRONZE, Levittown, New York
Jess0212 BRONZE, Levittown, New York
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So let the fighting begin
You could be left weak and defenseless
You could be pushed to victory
You could be shoved to the ground
Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose
Each time is a new battle, a new person
In a constant struggle for what’s right
No matter how tough you think you are
It could knock you down in one second
Disagreements, struggles, and fights
It could make a million tears roll down your face
You never know what’s to come
Each twist or turn is a new challenge
So let the fighting begin
Grudges could arise that last forever
You may come out on top
A ton of quarrels could be caused,
Alliances may be ruined
Pain could appear wherever you look
So be prepared and put up a wall
Don’t let it hurt you, just be aware
Start the fight against the war called life

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