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May 30, 2009
By AnnHenn SILVER, Falling Waters, West Virginia
AnnHenn SILVER, Falling Waters, West Virginia
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The way to gain a good reputation is to endeavor to be as you desire to appear.

They have such a strong hold on your heart and they don’t even know.
They don’t see that the light in your eyes is shining for them.
Every time they’re around, you can’t breathe.
Every time they smile, they steal another piece of your heart.
With each laugh, they throw your world off course
Every time their eyes meet yours, time stops,
Everyone else disappears and everything else seems irrelevant.
But they don’t see it.
They don’t know that one word from them turns on the sun in your life.
They don’t know that you feel their pain as if it were your own.
They don’t know that they kill you with each touch to someone else.
They don’t understand that what you do, you do for them.
They don’t think you feel
Until God breaks you in front of them.
Then, when they see that you do feel,
Feel things they could never imagine,
Feel things in such a way that makes them weep,
They finally see you.
Not what you do, not what you say, but YOU
The you that you wanted them to see all along.
But by this time, it’s too late.
Their chance is gone.
Now they see that the light in your eyes takes their breath away.
That the sound of your laughter is what puts the smile on their face.
That your pain is the cause of their grief.
That each time your eyes meet theirs, they can’t think.
They feel you in a way they never thought possible.
But the moment has passed.
They missed their opportunity.
They only thing that they can say now is

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