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June 10, 2009
By Edwin Castillo BRONZE, Houston, Texas
Edwin Castillo BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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One day here, one day there
Happiness one moment, anger the next
Friends of past forgotten, family has fade to black
Getting older and the memories slip every now and then
Where did all the good times go?
You try to remembering all the times from your life but nothing comes up
Regretting all the moments you could’ve cherished at this age
Skydiving, prom, telling your best friend your feelings for them but you skipped it all
One year here, another year passed up
Life isn’t supposed to be this way
Filled with regrets and dead dreams
Just sitting in a room with no light, idle, all on your mind is that your sun shall never shine again
Reminiscing of all the sad moments in your wasted life
Even though you didn’t want it to end this way
Graduating from college and no one is there, cheering you on
Your first paycheck and no one to show it to
Staring at the wall, sitting, just wondering, what went wrong?
How did your entire life slip away?
Try getting yourself back up but all that comes to mind is that life has no meaning, just wishing for something else
A hook hanging from the ceiling and a rope on the table next to your arm
Only one thing came to mind
You tie the noose, knowing this won’t have an impact on anyone in the world
Just another doe
Knowing no one would mourn you, or go to your funeral...Or even if there would be one for the unknown
Both feet on the stool, rope around the neck
On the stool, falls a single, lone tear
Not a sight
Not a smell
Not a sound anywhere
Only fear and tension were found
Foot raised, ready to kick off, but the sound of metal disrupts your stance
It was the clanging of the door where the mail falls
This has been the only time that that sound has visited this house
The rope is left hanging, the stool weighs less, and the sound of paper being ripped was heard all around
“Don’t do it. Loved ones come and go.”
At the bottom of the note read, “Live, Love, Learn”
Light a match and drop it. Destroy the hurtful past. Walk out
Time to begin anew
Time to renew

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