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The Rain

June 10, 2009
By SmileyRiley PLATINUM, Tremont, Illinois
SmileyRiley PLATINUM, Tremont, Illinois
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I wish I could trap the rain
The smell the sound the feel
The way it can fall and release all the pain
The way it can make all my wounds heal
I love the rain because it can hide the tearstain
And I know it will never fail to conceal

I hate the rain because it hides the sun
Because the sounds makes me think of your missing heart beat
It reminds me of the tears that fell when you left me broken
And our love that was filled with deceit
The rain makes me want to drop everything and run
But when the rain stops I can here the birds tweet

When the rain stops I am reminded you’re not my world
When the skies clear I can see my life more clearly too
On my heart you left a clean cut knurl
But as the rain is too good for the earth, I am too good for you

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