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June 14, 2009
By carolineD BRONZE, Coppell, Texas
carolineD BRONZE, Coppell, Texas
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The earth is covered by a blanket of darkness,
Penetrated only by the seemingly infinitesimal stars,
That surround our existence.
How modest they are.
They are burning suns with immense power and beauty,
And yet, they allow us to only see a modicum of their magnificence.
Perhaps they are so modest
Because they know their creator.
And then, a pink light,
Slowly peeping its way from under the darkness,
Exposing only a portion of its brilliance and intensity,
As a reward for those who awaken early,
A preview of its radiance.
She gradually removes the stars from their position,
As her pink light changes, almost in an instant,
To her truest color.
And with a blinding flash,
she stretches her arms to embrace the horizon.
Those that dare block her way are seen merely as silhouettes from afar,
For she is jealous
And wants her glow to overpower all others.
I watch her from my window,
Embracing the intensity of it all,
And I thank God that He made something so beautiful.
Something so serene and quiet.
Something that I can enjoy even from my bedroom window.

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