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Darkness in a Small Town

June 22, 2009
By Tayler Randi SILVER, Lafleche, Other
Tayler Randi SILVER, Lafleche, Other
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The skies glisten blue, the breeze howls soft
The streets alive with gossip and talk
Life so vibrant, the people so kind
But day turns to night as skies fade to black

Squealing tires, hearts beating fast
Booze cruise, just for kicks
A drunken joy ride, “so” much fun
The tranquil atmosphere coming unglued

Morning is back, little talk of the night
Brown tinted bottles glimmer in the grass
As the nights events threaten to harm the quiet of day
Smiles ever so tainted by the darkness of the moon

Stop signs blown, burnout left
Ecstatic war cries fly through the night
A break from day, it wonderful it seems
Go wild, go crazy, and inebriated good time

Night disappears as the silence of day lie still
The sun still shines and children still laugh
A muted beauty fighting to be free
As the darkness can change the intensity of day

Beer drank, parties had, no DD but they don’t care
It’s been done a million times before,
They’re still alive, at least for now
After all, they’re invincible

Whispered talk, what happened last night?
The cheerful afternoon shadowed by grief
The day still bright though the spirits have sunk
The blackness of night breaking through the smiling rays

A ditch is hit, people scream
A vehicle rolling, a thrill it seems
Blood spatters, much past point zero eight
Lives lost in the dim light of the treacherous moon

Funeral today, everyone’s going
A black clothed crowd come to mourn
In a few weeks all will be restored
Until the night wins yet again

The author's comments:
This is loosely based on some guys I know that are endangering their lives by drinking and driving.

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