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School's end summer's begining

June 25, 2009
By VisionTru PLATINUM, Rochester, New York
VisionTru PLATINUM, Rochester, New York
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It's the start of the end of what we though we knew this year

It's the dismissal of all the cat fights
and school suspentions

The end of the gossips and bad intentions

The end to all the food fights
and bad report cards

The end of all the catty teachers
whom we know invaded Earth
and use to live on Mars

For the last ten months
we've been brain washed with global and geometry
and as soon as this last bell rings we'll throw up our hands
and yell "i'm free!"

for some of us this summer won't be so great
It will be the revenge of all the days
you missed school or came in late.

It's the start of summer school
For especially those who thought not doing work was cool

For those who just didn't understand
Because they were too coward
or too cool to raise their hands

Before they know it their summer is wasted
School starts again like deja vu

it's like we never left
The place is so placid
For me as it is for you

We're back to our same routines
but just with different classes
I wonder how long it would take before this school year passes

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