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Servant Of Sleep

June 28, 2009
By ShawnaChabot SILVER, Vancouver, Other
ShawnaChabot SILVER, Vancouver, Other
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It crept up on me.
Hid in the darkness.
Waited for me to be in reach.

It stretches its arm to hold on to me,
Enveloping me in a dark blanket
I cannot move.
I thrash against it, an attempt that is pushed down as if it is nothing.
It has done what it set out to do,
Take me hostage in the darkness and cold.
There are no pleasant thoughts here,
Just slow torture, and pain.

Its grip gets tighter and tighter.
There is absolutely no chance of escaping now
I am trapped in a world that is unwelcoming to me.

It goes beyond a dark blanket,
It goes deeper than that.
Taking full control of my mind,
Monitoring my motions, thoughts and sounds.
Making sure I do not disrupt the image It is trying to create.
A picture of sadness and grief,
Anger and revenge,
And pain and satisfaction.

I am merely a pawn in its mind,
Nothing more useful, nor something less meaningful.
An expendable body.

I have given up what little hope that I had left,
Given in, obeyed.
I am now a servant if sleep.

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