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Last Prize

June 30, 2009
By Essence SILVER, Baldwin Park, California
Essence SILVER, Baldwin Park, California
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I tried so hard to grab your attention
We spoke but you never mentioned

We knew so well
That you'd never tell
Ladies first is always the spell

Then it hit
Out of nowhere i admit

I told you i fell
You knew that i would

Never did i see us speak in my mind
Maybe we're meant to be one of a kind

You know how i feel
But you just won't apeal

Days later
You tell me you love me

When I tell you the same
You're sick with shame
You deny it all
You've must of had a very great fall

My heart was trumpled on
Just like your face should have been

Maybe I owe it to you
You taught me a lesson
Never trust a guy who says he loves you
Until its proven to you

Months go by
We both say hi:)

Who would've thought we had a thing
It was kept on the low key
Perhaps we just were'nt meant to be

Look at us now
They could'nt tell
We dont even speak
You think im a freak
Last prize is the feeling
Complete strangers is quite healing
We're right back to the beginning.

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michael(: said...
on Jul. 6 2009 at 8:41 pm
yerr no freakk!