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Time Flies

July 1, 2009
By Jessica Peck BRONZE, Danbury, Connecticut
Jessica Peck BRONZE, Danbury, Connecticut
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Isn't it strange,
How fast time flies and how people change?
Looking at the present everything feels the same,
but looking at the past everything feels so rearranged.

They say time flies when your having fun,
well I must have been having fun,
because I have looked at it and realized what has come.

Friends that you had years ago,
some stay the same, some cop a new flow.
Some get high, or some stay low.
While you're just doing you watching the time go.

But where did it go?
Because I want to find it.
Go back in time when life didn't feel so violent.
Now don't be confused by that last line,
because a violent life doesn't have to be physical,
it can be in your mind.

If you go back to the beginning of your time,
everything felt so happy,
and everything felt so fine.
But now it feels like time is flying,
and you realize who's fake
and who's genuinely smiling.

God's clock for you is ticking and it isn't declining.
It goes faster and faster with ever year.
The thought of death brings you great fear.
With the clock still ticking the end feels near.
When you look in the mirror you see wrinkles and gray hair.

The reality of it doesn't feel fair.
You want to stay on earth forever,
but that opportunity just isn't there.
You want to stay with your family,
but you have to prepare to climb the white stairs.

Then the clock stops ticking,
and the end for you starts here.

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