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When the Beginning Is the End

July 6, 2009
By Frizzil15 GOLD, Monongahela, Pennsylvania
Frizzil15 GOLD, Monongahela, Pennsylvania
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The days they come and go
The things you’ll never know
The places, the things you’ll see
The changes you will face
The races you will race
The person you’ll start to be
The lights they will dim
You’ll be left on a whim
The fights that you’ll have to fight
The way of the day
But what can I say
Because they all turn into night
The storms, when they hit
They hurt just a bit
But from them you will recover
Things surely go fast
You’ll watch as they go past
We’ll hold on to one another
We’ll do as we do
And you will be you
You’ll be who you really are
I will ask for change
Things will be strange
The feelings are quite a far
I’ll just walk straight
Forever I will wait
until life begins to bend
then we will know
its our time to go
the world is reaching its end.

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