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To kill without cause

July 10, 2009
By Bella PLATINUM, Belleville, Illinois
Bella PLATINUM, Belleville, Illinois
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"loving someone who doesn't love you is like worshiping the behind, of a wooden statue, of a hungry devil." -author unknown

green eyes like grass
and pale white skin
she dances in the meadow
while the wind blows her hair
without a care she sings
for she does not know
in the village her people go
violence and peace
balanced so dear
her friends and family
die without cause
sudden cry of dispair
from the bird dressed in blue
she sees the weapons
masked in blood
frozen in grief and shock
the beautiful girl begins to cry
tears stream down her perfect face
as the arrow glides
threw her delicate frame
to kill without cause
and to take what not yours
brings heartache and destruction
to things that are pure

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