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July 21, 2009
By jay_jayy:D GOLD, Trussville, Alabama
jay_jayy:D GOLD, Trussville, Alabama
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I know you're not a liar,
You just don't speak the truth
We're like the stormy sky,
And they're waiting for the rain

You've grown so cold,
Don't you remember; we were sweet
As the honeysuckle we picked,
Warm as the summer air we breathed

I'll always be here waiting
For you to prove me wrong
Will you never see the light
Shining brightly in your eyes

You needed me, remember
I picked you back up from the floor
After you slipped and fell
So far from grace

I'll never forget you
Even though you'll never leave
It doesn't matter anymore
It's like you're already gone.

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on Jun. 26 2010 at 5:42 pm
junebug18 SILVER, Otley, Iowa
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Favorite Quote:
People see what they want to see until you open their eyes.


That was awesome. The tone is so...pensive and sad. Very good. The repetition at the beginning of every phrase kept up the parallelism and the illusion that the speaker was addressing someone, although with the words that we're often too scared to say out loud. :) It made me wonder what happened...very, very, very good job.