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This Is The Reality: We're Living In A Dream

July 21, 2009
By jay_jayy:D GOLD, Trussville, Alabama
jay_jayy:D GOLD, Trussville, Alabama
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We scream and yell and fight,
I'll cry and you'll say you're sorry
You whisper sweet things and
I forget what ever went wrong

I feel you're miles and miles away,
With every moment passing by,
The farther you get from me
And it's hard to bring you back

You promise me you'll call,
We both know you won't but still
You laugh like I don't matter,so
I stay silent, fighting the tears

Maybe you could be perfect,
Perhaps we were so close
We probably could've beat this
But I know it's not going to be,

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DivineLegacy said...
on Nov. 24 2009 at 10:02 am
You're an awesome writer. Keep it up. ALWAYS