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our time

July 17, 2009
By Distraction DIAMOND, Leesburg, Virginia
Distraction DIAMOND, Leesburg, Virginia
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i was just the girl next door
atleast for only a few days
i didn't think there could be more
but then again, neither did you.

a forever romance
made in three days time
it's such ashame
that i had to go away.

of all the places iv'e been before
this one, it means so much more
you made it right through me
you got right to the core.

those feelings stay around
they refuse to dissappear
you just need to turn the corner
and they will be right there.

now all the time i feel
and all the time i see it
all the time that i remember
yes, it's after me.

we got connected
we became attached
we didn't mean for it to happen
because we knew it wouldn't last.

i never thought we'd end up like this
had never dreamed or pictured it
it was a complete entire state of bliss
i can't imagine if you hadn't gotten my hints.

but i know things are gonna change now
considering im 500,000 miles away
and we don't even know if ill return
or if we will one day see each other again.

i wouldn't trade the time we shared
i wouldn't trade it for the world
and what we shared together
that feeling, it's something new.

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