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Those Feelings

July 17, 2009
By Distraction DIAMOND, Leesburg, Virginia
Distraction DIAMOND, Leesburg, Virginia
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you know i'll always love you
no matter how it seems
we will always be together
together in our dreams.

just take it a day at a time
figure out that your alright
keep convincing yourself to try
and soon, it will be brought into the light.

now everywhere it seems
that the rain is pouring down
and were begining to lose the love
i don't want us to end up on the rebound.

the gap between us
it has split us up
we knew it was coming
i just didn't want to feel that bump.

but yet i still have those feelings
i didn't think we'd end up this way
i guess i should have known all along
that it wouldnt stay.

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