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August 5, 2009
By rainskye SILVER, Redlands, California
rainskye SILVER, Redlands, California
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i tremble with rath, fists clenched.

but even as i stand here, furious and outraged, forgiveness is pooling in me.

cool and quiet, gentle, it sweeps down on me, engulfs me and drowns me.

it is water to anger's fire, sand to grudge's ever burning embers and sweet wine that cools and soothes me on this hot, sweltering day.

so i offer this cu to you; my cup of forgiveness.

let bygones be bygones and let the sea sweep them away with the discarded clam shells and shattered beer bottles.

i won't beg, i won't grovel, i'll only offer:

and know, that forgiveness is always there, waiting.

only forgive yourself for all you've done before you take forgiveness.

The author's comments:
sorry if there aren't any capitals in this poem, but i did it from my special mini "laptop" and when i'm on the internet, i can't write with capitals. as for why i wrote this piece, it was a way to forgive myself and someone else after a huge fiasco which got us both in trouble. no, no boyfriend issues.

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TeacherMom said...
on Aug. 11 2009 at 9:46 pm
This writer is very insightful and uses language in an interesting way. The last line was amazing! Good job.