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Flight Risk

August 6, 2009
By Xavier Leo BRONZE, Malden, Massachusetts
Xavier Leo BRONZE, Malden, Massachusetts
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I can't bend, I can't break
win, lose
I can't see you, but you can me
so I dont know why I'm complaining.
could you, speak up, speak louder
the babble running off your face's too quiet to decipher
are you nervous or is that normal?
I've never been better but I've never been good
and late is over and better than never
it's still a work in progress
and progress is doing doubletime since I realized,
I've seen seven months roll by, without a second thought
strayed to the things, make you stop and say 'What?
what has gotten into you, since we stopped hanging out,
your train of thought is off the tracks
and it's just too far gone to come on back.'
I know this is going nowhere and you're a well-earned flight risk
it gives me hell to have to say this,
to tip-toe fine linings on whether you'll take sick
one to 1-oh-1, reasons I'm at least making an effort at it
to keep you out of bed and on your toes
when you twist around my eyes on crack
cause they didn't see you coming
didn't see you bobbing up and crashing down
that 6 by 10 space of knowledge, painted red in the face;
what you're thinking is all my business
cause the thought is easier to believe, than this thinking as commodity
what you're thinking, I think I ought to know
common courtesy, cause I miss sleeping
cause I'm always and have been just ready to go
say that word, I'm ready to go.

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