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couldn't stop myself

August 5, 2009
By Distraction DIAMOND, Leesburg, Virginia
Distraction DIAMOND, Leesburg, Virginia
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things are already going sour.
what is it that i did wrong?
was that our final hour?
it didn't really feel that long.

and in the end you led me on
i don't know if you meant what you said
i didn't think, so soon, that you'd be gone
and i wonder when, again, ill mend.

all along i knew it would end up this way
but i couldn't stop myself from you
and still, i came back for more everyday
it's easier said, but then to do.

yet again, i'm the one with the broken end
and you go along with your life unaffected
my heart wasn't open for a lend
but i guess this wasn't unexpected.

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