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The Thief

August 3, 2009
By artmusiclit_chic GOLD, Riverside, Rhode Island
artmusiclit_chic GOLD, Riverside, Rhode Island
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Those were my words
But you stole them
And you used them
Against me.
I was unaware we were in court
Your court
That's why I did speak
Instead of remaining silent.
They were my words
'Til you took them
A miserable thief, you robbed them,
And then threw each syllable
Right back at me.
The words you stole,
They were the very ones I spoke
And the very ones I didn't.
How did you know?
You went fishing
And caught them out of my mouth
You knew what I was going to say
Before I did.
Then you made them into bombs,
Grenades to be exact,
And aimed them at me
And attacked.
Before I knew it
My heart looked like Swiss cheese
Punctured with holes,
Holes made from my own thoughts
And excuses.
Only your words (my words)
You said with precise clarity
With confidence
With class
Unlike me.

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